2006 – Tasman Venture – Hervey Bay

After the previous years experiences we looked around for another charter and settled on the ‘Tasman Venture’ out of Hervey Bay. A little closer to home and only  four hours drive from Brisbane, rather than 9 hours to Stanage Bay and 6 hours to 1770. Gob smacked is all I can say after first seeing this magnificient vessel at its berth just waiting to take us fishing. After the ‘James Cook’ this thing was the Queen Mary. The facilities were just unreal, a decent bed to sleep in, hot showers, toilets that worked, a full lounge and dining area with TV/DVD …. what more could you want … it was all there. The meals were absolutely great, bacon and eggs every morning with wonderful cold meat salads for lunch and scotch fillet steaks for dinner. We had all this for the same money as the ‘Abel Tasman’.  The owner/skipper was Lloyd Burgess, he was a gentleman like Col from 1770. If the fish weren’t ‘on’ in one spot he would move around until he found them, and find them he did. There were two deckies, Karl, great bloke nothing was a problem, he was very good with the filleting  knife and making up rigs. The other deckie was Matthew, he worked hard keeping the bait up and looking after our needs. One particular morning we were fishing the Continental Shelf (about 70k’s off the coast) when Lloyd picked up a mass of red on his sounder, in a matter of minutes, I mean minutes, the first Snapper was on the deck. We were getting double hookups of big fish and the adrenalin was fair pumping. In about 2 hours we had caught our quota of Snapper and so were throwing them back …. that’s what you call fishing. We had never experienced such hookups before not only were hooking Snapper but really good sized Red Emporer.

A big thanks for a great week to skipper Lloyd, Karl and Matthew……this time… we did go back. 


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