February 2014

Brooms Head is a quiet seaside village, consisting only of the caravan park, a general store, the Bowls club, and mostly holiday homes. It is near Maclean and in the general area of Yamba. It would have to be one of the last untouched areas of the coast, not given over to resorts and apartments.

It was here that we, along with good friends, Steve and Kathy, decided that a few days R & R would go down well. Max was keen to try out our new boat, a “rubber duckie” with a small outboard motor. So, with the boat securely tied to the roof rack, we set off, meeting Steve and Kathy for morning tea at Sleepy Hollow.  After an uneventful drive, apart from the road works along the way, we arrived at Brooms Head not long after lunch.

Next day, Tuesday, we took a drive out to Sandon, dirt road all the way, to have a look at the river and the beach and to check out any likely fishing spots. Then, morning tea at Redcliff. This is a massive cliff, truly red, that stands out from all the other cliffs and rocks surrounding it. Quite a drop to the sea below, too. Back to the van park for lunch, a swim in the lagoon and looking forward to a steak and Moreton Bay bugs dinner.

Wednesday dawned a beautiful day, so Max and Steve decided to give the boat a go. The sea was very calm, and the reef was just off shore, which pleased Kath and I as the boys were in sight the whole time. So, they bobbed about for a fair while and came back with two very nice sized snapper! Half the park came down to the beach to inspect our little boat. Spent the afternoon relaxing, with another dip in the lagoon, and a bit of bird watching. The rocks surrounding the lagoon at low tide provide a place for all sorts of birds – gulls, crested terns, pied oyster catchers, with sea eagles, brahminy kites and whistling kites circling above looking for fish. I even spotted a black-tailed godwit, pecking around the rock pools. Roast pork for tea, I must say we do ourselves pretty well foodwise when we travel!

Rained a bit in the night, but soon cleared to a nice day. Lee and John, good friends who live near Maclean, came for a visit. We all headed to the Bowls club for lunch, cheap and very tasty. Did a bit of rock-hopping in the afternoon, exploring the rock pools and watching the birds.

Friday dawned a dreary day. Very disappointing as the weather had been so good. Marie (Steve’s sister) and John arrived in the afternoon, to stay a couple of days. So good to see them, it had been a while. Meanwhile, Steve and Max had had some good luck fishing off the beach, so a good feed of fish and chips for lunch went down well.

Saturday we all decided on another drive to Sandon, and on the way  took the road to Boschie’s Waterhole, for a look. Well, we drove and drove for at least an hour on a dirt road, deep in the forest, didn’t see any sign of the waterhole. Seemed like we had come too far to turn back, so kept going to see where the road took us. It was nice, though, driving through the bush, lots of banksias and other wild flowers. Even a herd of brumbies. Finally came to an intersection and found ourselves on the Minnie Water/ Wooli Road! Max reckoned we had driven about 100k’s all up.

So, on to Minnie water for morning tea overlooking the beach, then to Wooli for a look. Fish and chips for lunch, and some oysters to take home. Back on the road, and by the time we found the highway, we were about 9k’s south of Grafton! Talk about the long way round. Needless to say, we didn’t get to Sandon!

Lee and John came for lunch on Sunday, weather had brightened up, so a nice relaxing day by the beach. A feast of home-cooked fish and chips with Steve and Kathy and John and Marie rounded off the day nicely. Treated to a magnificent moonrise. Became very windy and stormy looking, thought we were in for one of Brooms Head’s famous storms,(we’ve been through a couple of those), thankfully it didn’t eventuate.

Monday, and Marie and John headed for home. More fishing, but still quite windy. Tuesday dawned cloudy, warm but no wind. Steve and Max went fishing off the beach and came back with some nice whiting, then took the boat out again and had a bit more luck. This trip has been the best for fish. Lots of fresh fish to eat while here, and even some to bring home.

Wednesday and time to pack up and head home. We love touring, but it was great just setting up camp and relaxing for a few days. Had a great time, spending time with great friends and looking forward to maybe doing it again next year.

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