After our 2004 trip on the “James Cook” and were treated to a great time, it was decided to return the following year.

With humongous¬†amounts of beer and snapper lead we set off again to 1770 (the town of) for another week of fishing. This time Col and Croc were not to be our crew, instead the boat owner and some Canadian diving instructor (that’s what he said he was) was the deckie. It was sure a dissapointment not having Col & Croc as the crew as this new lot just didn’t make the grade. All the deckie wanted to do was drink our beer and fish, didn’t care about the ‘paying passengers’. As for the skipper owner, well he had to have had two dicks … I’ll say no more.

We caught a reasonable amount of fish, including some good size Coral Trout, however this didn’t make up for the way the crew performed … we just never went back.¬†

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